Our passion is to empower business people in the consumer goods industry using the latest technology, so they can turn data into intelligence, valuable business insight, and ultimately ACTION. We are not just linking the BI (business intelligence) and the GIS (geographic information system) fields in order to create a powerful synergy, but we are also developing solutions to business users that are easy to use, secure, available anytime/anywhere, and deliver unquestionable results on day one.

Our commitment is to use the latest results of disciplines such as Operations Research (OR), Linear Programming (LP), GIS, and Business Intelligence in order to help businesses reduce uncertainties, streamline operations and solve day-to-day problems.

We are professional listeners of a customer-focused organization. We strive to understand our clients’ business problems, and not only to deliver true solutions for them, but also to continuously support them to ensure their long-term satisfaction and financial returns (ROI).

LOGIC iN ACTION is a privately held organization providing Location-Based Business Intelligence solutions and services for its clients. About 80% of all business information is related to location. Therefore, we are convinced that the only way to harness the true power of information is to ‘cross-reference’ it with its geographical ‘content’. ‘Geographical queries’, or visualization of the data on a digital map could uncover patterns that are very difficult to recognize otherwise, leading to an insight unimaginable before.

Motto: “Programming is, simply stated, mathematical logic in action.”