LOGIC iN ACTION is a leading provider of routing and scheduling solutions,
designed to increase the overall efficiency of
consumer goods retail sales forces.

  • Do you know how much time your sales reps spend in their cars driving and
    NOT selling? Do you consider that DOWN-TIME? – We do, too!
  • Do you pay for every single kilometer they drive? Do you want to minimize that?
    We do, too!
  • What is your actual retail coverage? 90%, 95% or 98%? Do you want to make sure you hit 100% every single month? – We do, too!
  • Do you want to minimize your down-time/kilometer and hit 100% coverage
    at the same time? – We agree.

However, this is no easy task to accomplish.

It is not easy to plan the regular visits of 50 to 150 retail outlets on a geographically dispersed area. It needs time, diligence, and lots of patience. ...and a huge paper map. ...and lots of color pins and markers. Or…

...there is LogicInRoute, a fully automated Sales Force routing and scheduling tool from LOGIC iN ACTION!

Our unique scheduling and vehicle routing software was designed with the consumer goods industry in mind to provide 100% retail outlet coverage – in the most cost efficient way. It is an easy to use and flexible system, through which even a novice user can generate schedules and optimize routes.

Let us know, if we can help you.