Our unique Sales Force scheduling and vehicle routing solution was designed especially with the consumer goods industry in mind to provide 100% retail outlet coverage - in the most cost efficient way.

The solution was built to comply with the following considerations in mind:

  • All outlets are visited with the pre-determined frequencies during the sales cycle.
  • The shortest/quickest path needs to be found between stores.
  • Available time windows for outlets are taken into consideration.
  • Sales reps availabilities are obeyed.
  • Total drive time (and kilometer) is minimized for the sales cycle.
  • The workload is balanced for the sales reps.

Our Internet-based application delivers the following functionality to you and your colleagues:

  • Manage your outlet universe and sales force.
  • Review territories and outlets visually on a map.
  • Generate optimized schedule and route plan for your sales reps to ensure 100% coverage with minimum driving.
  • Review the optimized route plan online … anywhere, anytime.
  • Help communicate schedules to the rest of the organization through user-friendly printing and exporting capabilities.
  • Help Account Managers manage and review their account information.
  • Enable Regional/Area Managers to review and adjust Sales Rep utilization.
  • Enable Sales Reps to review their own schedules and daily trips, or even driving directions if needed. (E.g. new employees.)
  • Allow Financial/Business Analysts access to valuable information in order to efficiently control expenses.